Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Madison Smith

By: Jordan McFeders
Writing for Mass Media Student

SAN MARCOS- Madison "Mad Dog" Smith, half Caucasian and half Hispanic was born in Dallas but was proudly raised in Houston, spending a most of her life there. She explains that she honestly doesn't even consider herself tied to Dallas at all. Madison is a "3rd year Sophomore" with a more exact classification of Junior. She currently attends Texas State University that being the only school she applied to. She enjoys San Marcos, but "would want to live in Austin because of job opportunities."

Initially, Madison desired to be photography minor because how much she enjoys taking pictures, however that was only a major at Texas State so she decided to "leave it alone." Now, it is a hobby she has, occasionally taking pictures for her friends or getting paid to do so by their parents. She loves being around people, crowds, and activities. Madison also likes presentation and is somewhat into her style, "Don't get me wrong, I run around in T-shirts and stuff, but I guess you could say I LIKE clothes." She was also the "first person to buy Etnis shoes in elementary," so she considers herself a trend setter. When asked about her biggest fear, she explained that it was if one day when she would be walking to her car in a parking garage, someone will be hiding under the car and that person would cut her Achilles tendons.

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