Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lindsey Huckaby

Writing for Mass Media Student

SAN MARCOS—Lindsey Huckaby is a junior Mass Communications student with a concentration in Journalism with a minor in Pop Culture. Lindsey has lived in San Marcos her whole life. She graduated high school from San Marcos High. She has always loved San Marcos until after her first year of college. Lindsey still has a heart full of love for Texas State. When she turned 18, her mother and stepfather gave her their house. She still lives in the house she grew up in, but now with only her roommate.
Huckaby’s love for pop culture is rooted back to her parents. She referred to her mother as a “movie buff” and her father has been the pianist for George Strait for the past 30 years, and he is on tour with him this year. She describes pop culture as movies, music, and anything that is trending at the time.

Ultimately, Huckaby wants to write for Rolling Stone magazine. She also wants to live in New York City one day. She has traveled there a few times. She loves the energy the city gives her, the diversity and that there is never a dull moment while being there.

Huckaby is striving to be a journalist, even though she wants to write for Rolling Stone, she just wants to be able to write movie or music reviews. She loves to write her opinion about things. She says it is easier for her to write her opinion on paper than voice it with verbal words.

Huckaby wants to be a journalist and cannot imagine doing anything different with her life.

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