Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kiara Brooks

By: Trevor Smith
Writing for Mass Media Student

SAN MARCOS - Kiara Brooks is a 20-year-old student at Texas State University. 
She is currently pursuing a degree in mass communication, 
specifically electronic media. She has a playfully snarky attitude akin 
to that of Tina Fey, whom Brooks admittedly admires. She dreams 
of being on E! News, as well as, perhaps producing and performing 
in her own television show.

With her penchant for writing, these dreams seem well within her 
reach. Her warm and welcoming nature adds to her talents as a 
writer; she is able to make her subjects feel comfortable being 
candid. As a child Brooks was bullied, and her writing served as a 
creative outlet against this.

Now Brooks is able to laugh at herself, which means that she never gets embarrassed. And one would be hard pressed to find something to embarrass her about, especially thanks to her personal motto: “Never let them see you at your worst.” She is always prepared and, though definitely goofy, has a great sense of professionalism and grace about her. 

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