Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kellie Stritz

    Writing for Mass Media Student 

SAN MARCOS - Kellie Stritz, a charismatic, outgoing, honest, student here at Texas State University was more than willing to sit down with me, being the easy-going person she is, for a few minutes to tell me about herself. Since childhood, she lived in Bellville, Texas and grew up living life as a small town girl. She said small towns definitely have their perks, but at the same time she was always looking for things to do. This is where her adventurous side came about. She said she has traveled through most of the United States, minus the detached states - Alaska and Hawaii.

More of a Guy’s girl, Kellie kept busy in high school with sports. Her list consists of cross-country, track, softball, cheer, and her personal favorite, tennis. Her love for playing sports is influenced by growing up with two brothers. Don’t get me wrong; when she isn’t busy hanging with the guys her girly side definitely comes out. You will most likely find her crafting, shopping or getting to know some of her new sister’s in the sorority she plans on joining this semester. 

A Public Relations major now, she still isn’t fully confident in a specific career she would like to pursue, but in the meantime she is busy studying her brain off and working hard towards her degree. Kellie, a funny, best of both worlds kind of girl, may still be figuring out her future right now but hopes all of her hard work will pay off in the near future. 

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