Friday, February 21, 2014

Isai Ramirez

Quotes collected by: Carolina Canales
Source: Isai Ramirez, junior, PACE Peer Mentor, 20 years old
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How has increased enrollment affected you?
“Well, for me working as a mentor I think it’s been good. I think it’s affected our jobs by giving us more, mentors, so we have more jobs, and you are able to work with the first year students a lot more, so I think that’s how I've
seen the affect. I think it’s been a good affect. Well, for me.”

Do you take the bus?

“I do. I live on Ranch Road so that’s one of the smaller bus routes, so it’s not as bad. Last year I lived in Aquarena. Last year was terrible…we would get [only] so many buses and I had the very last stop, so I would have to wait [for] like four, five, even six buses sometimes just to get to class. At the bus stop I’d have to be there…if I had a class at 10 I would be on the bus by 8:50 a.m.-9:00 a.m. so an hour before class started. See, now that I live on Ranch Road it’s a lot smaller, so I can leave my apartment in like 20 minutes before class and be in class on time, so it’s a lot more convenient, but, you know now that I don’t live on Aquarena it hasn't really affected me much this year, but last year it was pretty bad.”

Do you think the University should continue to grow?

“I’m all for it, just because I've seen a lot of awesome opportunities come to Texas State since the growth…we get a lot more funding for programs at Texas State and then with the increase  we've created the PACE program, so I wouldn't have a job if it wasn't for the increase. The new res (sic) halls that are going up I think they’re pretty amazing too, and it’s about time cuz (sic) some of the of the ones that they have here are pretty old.”

What about parking? Do you have a parking permit, do you use it?

“No. I don’t drive but if I did I wouldn't even bother cuz (sic) it’s awful, and I think the parking, for the permits, it increased way too much. Since I work with first year students I ask them, ‘did you by a parking pass,’ and they’re like, ‘no, it’s too expensive.’ And some of them that did buy a parking pass bought the commuter ones, so then that affects people that actually do need those commuter parking passes, so I think that’s a bad affect of, you know, the increase, the parking… it’s just not…it’s not very good.”

How do you think the school should handle it?

“You know, honestly, I don’t know. I mean, building more parking garages.”

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