Thursday, February 20, 2014

Diverse Sources

Quotes collected by: Elizabeth Lambert
SOURCE: Destiny King
Identifying information about source: 
Age 20
From Dallas, Texas
Full-time student
Public relations major, communication studies minor
Works part-time at Kate Spade

Question 1: What is your experience with parking at Texas State?
"It's always been hit or miss. When I had a parking permit I would never drive to class because parking is always so unpredictable."

Question 2: How has the growing student population affected the parking situation?

"There are just so many students here and not enough parking. Like I won't buy a parking permit anymore because it isn't worth it."

Question 3: What do you think needs to be done in regards to parking to accommodate the parking issue?
"I think that they need to get rid of the paid parking garages; people should be able to park there with a permit and not pay extra. I know that some schools don't let freshmen bring cars, I think that's a good idea, too. And I think there could be more bus routes so that students who don't live near one can ride the bus to without having to park on campus."

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