Thursday, February 20, 2014

Diverse Sources: Dakota Colby

Name: Dakota Colby
Age: 26
Race: Anglo
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Hometown: Houston
Occupation: Baker, Musician

When did you attend Texas State University?

I graduated in 2012.

What was your commute plan?

I lived at the Timbers so I was able to walk to campus. Other times I would park at the LBJ student center parking garage, but I'd like to avoid traffic as much as possible.

How do you think the consectutive higher enrollment has affected your sales?

We have much higher sales, primarily because we receive so much foot traffic. The construction doesn't really bother us too much.

What are your opinions on the growth of the University? 

The growth was inevitable. San Marcos is a beautiful city and we have a really nice campus. I would say that we are receiving the benefits more than the negative effects.

Is parking a serious issue here at Dos Gatos Kolaches? 

A few semesters ago, yes. The parking lots were always full. We would call a towing company and it would take them forever to come by. Usually by then, the person in the vehicle would be gone. This semester the tow trucks guys are very spot-on. They are quick and always scouting out the area.

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