Thursday, February 20, 2014

Diverse Sources: Carla Jara

Quotes collected by:  Lindsey Huckaby
Source:  Carla Jara

Identifying info about Source:  Senior, age 22, Hispanic, from Dallas, Texas, student, psychology major.  Unemployed but involved in her sorority and volunteer work. 

How do you commute to campus?
“I live at the Vista’s, I walk to school.  I lived with a girl last year and I took the bus.  Don’t know if that counts.”

Did you enjoy taking the bus?
“Not particularly, no.  It made me late to class, like really frequently.  A lot of the times it wasn’t even because like I was running late.  It’s because like the first bus to come around would be so full, I’d have to wait for like the second bus.  Waiting for a bus for like 40 minutes when it’s a 10 minute drive was a little ridiculous.”

Do you find it makes a difference how many people are in your classes?
“I think like smaller classes are definitely like easier to like reach an audience because there’s like less people that the professors have to cater to.  You know?  He can like answer individual questions in a class of like 20 or 40 people, where as like a class of three hundred you can’t answer everyone’s questions.  It’s just not possible.”

Did the size of the university play a role in you choosing to come to Texas State?
“No.  It didn’t really influence my decision.”

Do you think the University should continue to grow?
“I think it’s inevitable.  The school’s going to grow regardless, this is like the fastest growing city in the United States, so it’s inevitable.  It would be nice to keep it like that small, close, like small town feel, but I just don’t think it’s possible.”    

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