Thursday, February 20, 2014

Diverse Sources: Danielle James by Learda Shkurti

By Learda Shkurti

Danielle James
age 21
Low income
From san Antonio
Works at apt. pros, holds the sign

Have you noticed an increase in parking, what are your experiences?
“No, that’d be great, I just transferred here last semester so I’m still kinda new to the area, but uhm I would love to see more parking, definite plus.”

How do you get to campus?
“I park down by the square sometimes, now that I park here, I get to park here , but that’s not always a luxury for everybody else so. And it’s only a two-hour parking you know for side roads.

So you don’t pay for the parking permits?

What do you think of Texas State’s growth, and do you want it to keep growing, or do you think it’s too much?
“You know, I’d like to see it grow, thatd be, I mean that’s a good thing. Unless there’s no parking of course, but more parking would help that, I don’t see anything wrong with it growing. I mean the buses do help, but sometimes theyre not always on time, you know, or you know, it takes a long time.”

Do you think you’re affected socially by all these people? Or do you think it hurts you in any way, like for signing up for classes?
“Oh yeah, finding classes can be difficult, with so many people trying to get that certain class. I had trouble doing that this semester, spots were limited.

You said you transferred to Texas State, from where?

Was the size of texas state a factor in coming here?
“Uhm, I’m originally from Texas so I wanted to get back here, I had family that came here, in the past, so I just like it and I like the san marcos area.”

Did you know san marcos is one of the fastest growing cities in the country?
“I did not”

Why do you think that is?
“I’m guessing because of the school, having a river going right past the school, right through the school, it’s just a nice little town, but its definitely growing, I have noticed that a bit, but not to that extent.”

Do you think you would continue to stay here, even if it continues to grow?
“I might transfer after school, and just move after that. “

Is that because of the growth or just your own personal choice?
“it’s my own personal choice?”

So you’re just not really affected by the city’s growth?

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