Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anna Konczak

https://tracs.txstate.edu/access/content/attachment/33cbae91-d067-4189-b1bf-da6b4ee57747/Assignments/7fada00d-1025-45b6-877d-274f0f8e1b15/bjbjjjj.jpgBy: EMILY KELLAR
Writing for Mass Media Student 

SAN MARCOS - Anna Konczak has everything all planned out. By the time that she graduated from Spring High School in 2012, Anna knew that she wanted to be an event planner.

With the guidance of her four older brothers, Anna excelled in high school being named not only yearbook editor but also, vice president of her class.

Coming to Texas State University having already acquired thirty college hours, Anna is on the fast track to graduating with an undergraduate degree in public relations and plans to have completed a master's degree by the time she is twenty-one.

In the meantime, Anna is a member of Diamond Sweethearts and enjoys rock climbing, hiking and crafting. She is set to graduate from Texas State University in 2015.

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