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University growth leads to transportation problems

University growth leads to transportation problems

Texas State University has a record enrollment of 35,568 students this fall semester, according to a Texas State press release.  With the influx of students, something as simple as riding the bus has become a challenge.

The bus system is a free service provided by the university.  Texas State also offers parking permits that students can purchase to park on or around campus.

Charles Regalado, junior, English major has noticed an issue with buses being overcrowded.

“I have to wait maybe one or two buses to get on the bus in the mornings, so sometimes I’m late because of it. It’s really a hassle. It’s really annoying,” Regalado said.

Regalado isn't the only student noticing the transportation services being impacted.  Jessica Vasquez, 22, a junior from Austin is also experiencing problems with the bus system.

“Sometimes there are too many people on the bus and half of the people waiting can't even get on," Vasquez said.

“…I have waited for three buses to pass because they’re always really packed. We just, like, jam pack ourselves on there so I think that is a really big hassle.  It’s just ridiculous that we’re all just like little sardines rushing for the bus,” said Courtney Moufarrej, a junior from Houston. 

“More buses.  That’s the only thing I can think of,” Moufarrej said when asked about a possible solution to the bus issue.

Students who don’t ride the bus, like Randi Berkovsky, senior, have noticed that the constant overcrowding is becoming a problem.

"It hasn't affected my commute at all because I walk every day. I’m assuming that for people who live off campus and ride the bus it’s a nightmare. You see a bus; it’s full. You wait for the next bus; it’s full,” Berkovsky said.

The bus system isn't the only thing that is becoming overcrowded at Texas State.  

Texas State has 5,011 commuter spaces but has issued 11,545 commuter passes, according to an Oct. 1 article in The University Star.

“The parking lots are completely packed by 7:30 a.m. so I kind of cheat and park in surrounding neighborhoods.  I have friends that have tons of problems with parking,” said McKenna Greer, senior, interior design major from Portland, Maine.  “I used to live across from the rec and they would park in my driveway because they wouldn't want to deal with the crowded buses or the filled parking lots.”

It’s not just students feeling the impact.  Some faculty members have experienced troubles with parking as well.

“You better get here at 5:30 in the morning. You’re gonna be frozen out,” said Tom Grimes.

Gail Zank, Associate professor of Marketing in the McCoy College of Business and Adviser for the American Marketing Association, said that the overcrowding of parking lots has caused her to come to campus only at certain times of the day.

“I can find a spot at 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. when most faculties have gone to lunch," Zank said.

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