Thursday, October 10, 2013

Texas State's new record drives many crazy

Texas State has marked the record for the 16th consecutive year to set a new record for total enrollment and has also brought its downs as well as its ups with this occurrence.

The record was set with 35,568 students being enrolled for the 2013 fall semester. Although undergraduate enrollment has gone up and Texas State is very proud as they take their role in preparing the next-generation workforce in Texas, some faculty, staff and students are not so optimistic about this.

Charles Regalado, a first semester junior from San Antonio, Texas, has noticed the bus service being impacted by the amount of students.

"I have to wait maybe one or two buses to get on the bus in the mornings," said Regalado "so sometimes I'm late because of it."

Mckenna Greer, a senior studying interior design, has not realized this happening has affected her commute.

"It hasn't really affected me, but my friends usually complain about the transportation system." said Greer, "I kind of cheat and park in surrounding neighborhoods."

Randi Berkovsky, a student worker from the Honors College has not been affected so much in her commute since she lives on campus and walks everyday; but she agreed that "for people who live off campus and ride the bus is a nightmare."

"As our population grows we have to adjust our bus routes and parking accordingly, and if we don't address it it'll be a big issue in the future," said Berkovsky.

Christine Zabala, a Writing Center tutor from Beaumont, Texas, has seen some growth in the number of students who usually come in to get tutoring in the writing center. Her commute has also been affected by this increase in students.

"There are not that many perimeter lots and I think that even if it were smaller the lots would still be full," said Zabala.

Jessica Velasquez, a junior from Austin, Texas, has seen a change in the bus rides as well; she agrees that there are a lot more people getting on and off the bus.

"Sometimes there are too many people on the bus and half of the people waiting can't even get on," said Velasquez.

 Kelly Woytkewicz, a sophomore from Lockhart, Texas, has also found the bus commute the biggest issue on the matter.

"I don't know if the fact that they're doing the buses in a different location or the amount of students, but it gets pretty crowded. Sometimes I have to wait for the next bus to come in to get on it," said Woytkewicz.

The happening has brought pride to those who focus on the professional aspect of our society, but it has also brought frustration and nonconformity on the commuter aspect of it all.

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