Thursday, October 3, 2013

Story 3 Interview - Ana Rechy, Junior, PR, 20, Laredo, TX

Quotes collected by:  Aubrie Iverson
Source:  Ana Rechy,

 Identifying information:  Junior, public relations major, 20 years old, from Laredo, Texas, has been at Texas State since fall 2013 (this is her 5th semester).  Ana was waiting for an advising appointment in Old Main.

Was it hard for you to get an advising appoitment?

 "I was lucky today.  I have one at 1(p.m.), because it was a cancellation, but I would have to wait until next week to get in to one.  My original one was a week from today."

How long do you typically wait for the bus?

"I have the (Texas State smartphone) app, so I'll look to see when they're coming, but I'd say about... Usually it's ten minutes.

Are the buses crowded?

"Very crowded.  Especially when I finish at 5(p.m.)... the buses are extremely crowded."

How difficult do you think it is to get accepted to Texas State?

"I wouldn't say it was super hard, but I wouldn't say it was really easy either.  I just think it was average."

How do you think the growth at Texas State affects public opinion of the school?
"I think it makes us look really good because... the amount of students that are (enrolled), I feel like that will make other students consider coming here because we have such a big student body."
Do you think the university should continue to grow?
"Especially with all the construction going on and how the school's growing, I think that's also a big part of it becoming a better university."
What is the most exciting thing about being at Texas State during all this growth?
"I think it's a little bit of everything... Being independent, meeting new people, and getting the college experience."

If anyone wants the audio for the interview (it's about 2MB), send an email to and I'll send it your way.

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