Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quotes collected by: Stephanie Diaz

SOURCE: Kelly Woytkewicz

Identifying information about source: Kelly Woytkewicz, Sophomore, age 19, From Lockhart, Texas, Full-time Student, Mass Communication Major.

Question 1: Have you seen a difference on campus due to the 35,568 enrolled students at Texas State?

"Personally hasn't impacted me that much. It has
“I've noticed that the bus stops have gotten quite a bit busier and more crowded, which is OK but it is kind of frustrating sometime when there’s so many of us trying to get on to a certain bus”

Question 2: Have you seen any class room differences, perhaps?

“No, I haven’t. I went to some really big classes my freshman year but this year they aren't very big. So I haven’t noticed much difference in that area.”

Question 3: Would you say that bus traveling is what has affected you the most?

“Yes. Mostly on the Bobcat Stadium bus, is the one I usually get on, and the bus stop was somewhere else on campus, I remember that, and there were not nearly as many people at that bus stop often times, opposed to the one now which is by the quad campus loop. I don’t know if it’s the fact that they’re doing the buses in a different location or the amount of students, but it gets pretty crowded. Sometimes I have to wait for the next but to come in to get on it.”

Question 4: Would there be anything else you’d like to add to this issue?

"If I thought about it more I could probably come up with more things, but as of right now that’s the biggest thing in my head; just the buses.”

NOTE: Source contact information in a file in TRACS, under drop box.

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