Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quotes Collected by: Sarah Sutton

Source: Christine Zabala
Identifying Information: Christine Zabala is a 22-year-old Writing Center tutor from Beaumont, Texas.
Contact information:

Question 1:
How has the record enrollment affected you?
This year’s record enrollment has not affected Christine because she just moved here this semester, although Christine said that “at the writing center we have had a huge increase… completely booked for the last couple weeks and I’ve been told that’s pretty unusual.”

Question 2:
Do you think the University should continue to grow?
“I think it’s probably good that any university continues to grow, as long as you don’t do it at the expense of quality education or as long as you don’t have to lower admission standards to make that happen,” said Christine.

Question 3:
Will a larger University attract more students?
“I think probably to some extent yes, just because a larger university gets more resources. Credibility is attractive to people,” said Christine. “A larger University will have more money to spend.” Christine completed her undergrad at Lamar University and realizes the “lack of resources” at Lamar compared to Texas State.

Question 4:
Has the growth affected your commute at all?
Christine purchased a commuter pass to avoid using the Mill Street bus and parks at the football stadium.  “There’s not that many perimeter lots and I think that even if it were smaller the lots would still be full,” said Christine.

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