Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quotes collected by: Rachel Starnes
SOURCE: Gail Zank
 Identifying information about source: Gail Zank, Associate Professor of Marketing in the McCoy College of Business and Adviser for the American Marketing Association.

 Question 1: How has the increase of enrollment affected you?
"It hasn't really affected me; however, I've noticed more people in my marketing classes."
Question 2: Should the university continue to grow?
"I think that we should grow. We should keep the personal feel if we grow greater and continue to focus on students. Our faculty does a great job of that already."
Question 3: "Has the increase of students affected your ability to park?"
"It affected the time of day I decide to come to campus. I can find a spot at 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. when most faculty have gone to lunch."
Question 4: What do you think needs to change if the university does continue to grow larger?
"Parking is a definite problem; however, I think we need more space for student organizations to meet on campus. There are more night classes on campus this year, leaving the student organizations with less rooms to meet. There needs to be bigger rooms to accommodate the growing members in student organizations as well."

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