Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quotes Collected by Anthony Monroe Diverse Sources

Source 1: Luan Duong
Satus: Senior
Occupation: Student Worker (Centennial Hall)

Question 1: The university has a record enrollment of 35,568 students this semester. How has this increased enrollment affected you?

"I honestly haven’t really had much impact. It hasn't impacted me much since it was pretty recent growth and mostly freshman."

Follow up question:  Have your class sizes increased?
"Registration you can see it sometimes but most upper division classes are about the same."

Question 2: Should the university continue to grow? 

"Yeah, I don’t see any issues with it."

 Question 3: Did the size of the university influence your decision to come here?

"No, not really."

Question 4: How has the increased growth affected your commute?

 "I actually live pretty close to campus, so my commute is by walking."

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