Thursday, October 24, 2013

NY magazine editor's tips to success in the writing field

SAN MARCOS--Robert Kolker, contributing editor for NY magazine and author of “Lost Girls”, spoke to mass communication students at Texas State University on Monday about how aspiring writers can begin their career journey.

“You have to keep your eye on the future…” Kolker said. “You have to brand yourself, be your own product and market yourself out into the community.”

It is important to not become comfortable in a position of work and hope the job stays the same because many opportunities will be missed, according to Kolker.

Along with this idea, Kolker discussed his inspiration on entering the field of journalism and publication.

Kolker’s ideal occupation right out of college, along with many college graduates, included working in an established publication company, according to Kolker. However, he did not receive any huge offers or jobs right away.

 “I learned that the prestige of a place is not as important as the work you’re doing,” Kolker said. “The process is far more important than the goal.”

Although many students in college struggle with balancing work schedules with internship opportunities, it is important to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible and create a great work ethic, according to Kolker.

“If you’re young, might want to go for the one where you learn more,” Kolker said. Being surrounded by well-rounded people with serious work ethic will help create good work habits.

Kolker has also further expanded his career by publishing his book Lost Girls which focuses on a true-life search for a serial killer on Long Island, in a compelling tale of unsolved murder and Internet prostitution, according to

Kolker’s determination and passion in continuing in the field of journalism affected Aubrie Iverson, 22, journalism major at Texas State University.

“Hearing him talk about the hard work he put in to become the writer he is now inspires me to keep working towards my goals,” Iverson said.

Another member also affected by the words of Kolker is advertising major Nicole bell, 21, from Round Rock, Texas.

"I agree with what Robert Kolker had to say, especially the part about branding yourself..." Bell said. "I believe that is the most important part of one's career."

Kolker’s work ethic and passion for his career led him to success and has presented many with inspiring tips that may one day lead them down a path to success.
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