Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lupe Urrutia

Source: Kristie Nakamura

Lupe Urrutia, Custodial Operations at Texas State University 
Ph #: 512-245-2181

Interviewed at Evans Liberal Arts Building

Question 1: Did you notice that there was increase in students this year?
Oh, yes, for sure.

Question 2: How has the increased enrollment in students affected you?
There is a lot more work but its okay.

Question 3: Do you think the university continue to grow and why?
I think it should continue to grow more and it’s for the student’s sake anyways and for us.  After all that’s why we have a job.

Question 4: Has it affected your parking?
I don’t have a car so I get a ride over here.  I know its kind of hard right now cause you know how you pay money for the car to park, its going higher and higher.

Question 5: Do you take a bus or have a friend bring you?
I do but we come in at 6 in the morning but it’s still empty but if we leave for lunch or if she leaves for lunch it’s hard for her to find parking.  She works at JC Kellam.

Question 3: What changes do you want to see because of the increase?
Not really, its okay with me.  Like I said, we have a job and that’s what comes for us so we can keep it clean, or try anyway.

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