Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Diverse Source Interview: Charles Regalado

Quotes collected by: Tara Pohlmeyer
SOURCE: Charles Regalado,
Identifying information about source:
Charles Regalado, Junior, from San Antonio, Texas, English major, sociology minor. Tranfered to Texas State this semester.

Question 1: Has the increase in students affected you at all?
“Well it’s my first semester. I guess I’m a prime example being that I just enrolled here. I’m a junior … a transfer from a community college in San Antonio.” (Northwest Vista College)

Question 2: Is it harder to stand out in class?
“I have one class … there’s like 200 people in there, so it’s pretty large. So I don’t think the teacher even notices what I look like, or if I’m not there.”

Question 3: Do you think it affects your grades?
“Well maybe not grades so much, but it affects my study habits. It’s more on an impersonal level, so all I know what to do is read the text, rather than try to focus on a certain point. So it’s kind of like a general reading. Rather than looking for something in the text, I’m just reading the text as a whole.”

Question 4: Do you try to do anything as an individual to stand out in class?
“In the bigger courses, no. I’m not shy or anything, but with that many people, I don’t really have anything special to say. I don’t like to stand out too much.”

Question 5: Do you think the university should continue to grow?
“I don’t know. I don’t really have a standpoint on it. I would prefer to have smaller courses, but if they’re going to grow I think they should definitely have more buildings to make smaller classes.”

Question 6: Did the size of Texas State influence your decision to come here?
“I didn’t know it was going to be so big. I decided to come here four years ago. I didn’t know it was this big. I guess now it’s the biggest freshmen class ever. It’s definitely a culture shock from my community college over in San Antonio. Over here, it’s way different.
It didn’t influence it, but it definitely changed my perception of Texas State now that I’m here. Now it’s pretty big. There’s a lot of people here.”

Question 7: Have you noticed any services being impacted by the amount of students?
“I have to wait maybe one or two buses to get on the bus in the mornings, so sometimes I’m late because of it. It’s really a hassle. It’s really annoying. And sometimes I have to drive to school.”

Question 8: Is it hard to interact or create friendships with other students?
“We sit in different seats usually every day. You don’t really make too much of a permanent relationship in there, because you may talk one day, but you may never talk to them again.”

Question 9: Have you noticed an impact on the diversity of the campus?
“As I walk through the campus, I see just so many different people. I see a lot of different races. I don’t see too many cultures though.”

Question 10: Do you think that because there are so many people, is some of the culture being lost?
“I think there’s just a one culture … it’s such a big campus and everything is on an impersonal basis, that you can’t really express your own culture if you’re going to be talking to someone that’s hardly your friend.”

Question 11: How do you create those personal connections with such a big student body?
“As far as I know, I don’t know that there’s a way that you can. Somehow live close to each other, or if you really make a conscious effort to go out of the way to hang out with a certain individual … with too many options, you don’t end up choosing any options.”

Question 12: How has transferring here changed your viewpoint of Texas State?
“I really thought it was a small campus. It completely changed my mindset when I got here. There’s just so many people … I thought it would be all of the same kind of people. There are a lot of people here, different individuals.”

Question 13: Do you feel like it’s good or bad that the university is growing?
“I would personally prefer a smaller campus. It made me second guess, or rethink my choice to come here because I thought it was so small, or so much smaller. I don’t think that it should expand as much. To each their own. As far as what I would like, I wouldn’t like it to be this big.” 

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