Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chandler Voswinkel- Diverse Sources

Quotes collected by: Chandler Voswinkel
Source: Pamela Patino,
Identifying information: Junior, 20 years old

This year we’ve had an increased enrollment, about 1,500 more students than last year, have you noticed any change?
“A lot more crowded in the Quad area, it’s more difficult to walk through.”

Do you think the university should continue to grow? Do you think growth is a good thing?
“Yes I think it should grow, but with that, more buildings added, more class rooms so it’s not so packed, but growth is good.

Do you ride the bus to school? Have you noticed more crowding on the busses?
“No, it’s about the same as last year to me. I think that the growth mainly comes from the freshman, and they don’t really ride the bus, so maybe next year we’ll see an increase on the busses.

While apartment hunting each year, do you notice it being harder to find an apartment with more people moving here?
“Not really harder to find, but the prices I feel have increased a lot more than what it was when I first came here.”

Did the size of the university influence your decision to come here?
“Yes, in a way, because at the time that I picked it I wanted to go to a school that was big but not too big. So yes.”

Now that the university is getting bigger, is that changing your mind about choosing to come here? Is it getting to be the school that is bigger than you wanted to attend, or is it okay because you’re growing with it?
“I like it that way, because I’m already used to it. I didn’t want to go to a university that was too big and get homesick, but since I’m already here and made friends I’m fine with it.” 

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