Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cesar DeLeon

Quotes By: Jackie Lege
Cesar DeLeon
Senior. Dual major, Music Education and Biology, Pre-Med.

“Have you felt the impact of Texas States’ influx of students?”
Oh, most definitely. There’s been a negative impact over Texas State, I believe.  I know we’re an emerging, developing university… Hispanic, and stuff like that… they’re trying to get money, eh.. but I feel like there’s too many people here.  There’s not enough space for everyone and by them lowering, or raising the standard, they’re trying to stop the flow of people into Texas State. I believe, I think if I’ve read right, they increased the test scores for them to kind have a cap over how many people come in here.

“Do you believe the university should not be able to grow?”
The university? Most definitely. The university should grow, but within means. Right now, we’re growing well above our means. I was doing the newspaper, and they were saying that the new housing complex, the West Housing Complex, which is costing many millions of dollars and should be completed by 2014, should house the new freshman. But even then, we still have a deficit. The school does not know when to stop accepting students.

Riding the bus. Campus loop. Trying to get to your apartment. It’s ridiculous. You’re waiting with hoards, hoards of people trying to get to the same bus, and you finally get to your apartment complex, and there’s nowhere to park.  The city itself is just saturated with college students, and it’s not the cities fault – I believe it is the universities fault for not setting standards.

“When you first came here, did the sixe of Texas State influence your decision to come here?”
Definitely. Class size was a big issue. Every highschool has a“go-center” I think they’re called, and college prep, and these two give these magazines called the Texas University Report. I would read the report, and you see that classes at U.T. have 30 to 50 students per class. You go to A&M and there are about 45 to 60, and Texas State had a good number and was a developing university. I think back 4 years ago, when there was 30-32 thousand people, and we’ve been growing steadily, and not only did class size grow, but teacher to student ratio changed drastically.

“Has that influenced your classes? Do you think you’re not getting as much attention as you should?”
Definitely. The first couple of weeks of class, the teacher is more focused on who is and who isn’t there. Taking attendance for 35 people instead of the 20 to 25 students when I was accepted is really hindering my education.

We’re becoming one of the masses. We’re becoming U.T. and A&M. As a forthcoming, emerging university I think we should set ourselves apart by saying, ‘Well, when you come to Texas State we have small classrooms where you can get amazing education.’

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