Monday, September 30, 2013

Stephanie Diaz, 22, Electronic Media, Monterrey, Mexico

My name is Stephanie Diaz. I am a full time student at Texas State pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, focused on Electronic media, and minoring in Spanish.

I am a proud "Regia" from Monterrey Mexico ;)

Although my first language is spanish, I moved to United States at almost 13 years of age. Thus the reason why I am minoring in Spanish. Simple to perfect and NOT forget my language nor my beautiful culture and heritage.

I love my family very much. My father is a pastor and he's constantly out of the city and country due to events and classes that he has to go speak at. My beautiful mother follows. The'll be back in town Saturday... to me that's pretty exciting!! Also, my best friend lives in Monterrey, and he'll be in town for the weekend as well :)

I have the cutest and most loving dog in the world! Her name is Caramel and she truly is as her name.. she loves to.. JUST LOVE!! She's so much fun and totally energetic.

The most important thing to know about me is that I live for "His name and renown" and that is the desire of my heart (Isaiah 26:8)

Ps. I have the most handsome brother in the world and tomorrow, Oct. 1, he will be turning 21, in heaven :D 

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