Monday, September 30, 2013

Smidge About Me: Chandler Voswinkel

My name is Chandler Voswinkel and I am a 21 year old Mass Communications major in Electronic Media with a minor in Sports Psychology. My minor came out of left field you say? Well, I hope to become a sports reporter one day so it turns out that sports psychology is relevant to my major! I come from a small town in North Austin called Lago Vista, and by small town I don't mean country. I grew up on the lake and everyone in my town are referred to as "lake rats". There is nothing I love more than being on or around a body of water, preferably on a boat. I am also a Diamond Sweetheart here at Texas State, and that is how I keep involved here on campus. Diamond Sweethearts is a sports minded organization, as I am a sports minded person. Eat 'em up cats!

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