Monday, September 30, 2013

Jackie Lege', 20, Journalism, Houston

My name is Jackie. I am 20-year-old from Missouri City, Texas (a suburb of Houston).  I abuse the English language, and I can be really long-winded when I get anxious.. I almost called myself a "bon-vivant" and I'm pretty sure that's not cool anymore.

I love to cook and read, and my hobbies are photography and blogging. I have a goal to shoot 10,000 pictures because of a favorite Henri Cartier-Bresson quote that basically goes, "your first 10,000 shots are your worst."
 I've shot about 2.5k so far. 
I don't necessarily think quantity yields quality, but practice does make perfect.  

Here's a self-portrait I shot and developed myself at home. 

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