Friday, March 29, 2013

Students Postpone Partying Plans to Engage with Their Communities

Students Postpone Partying Plans to Engage with Their Communities

Organizations across Texas participated in community service projects over spring break instead of heading to popular vacation destinations.

Students, both young and old, decided that helping their community was more important than relaxing over this past spring break. Students ranging from elementary school to college hit the streets to help enrich communities across the nation.

Pioneer Drive Baptist Church in Abilene took 29 students from their youth group to a homeless ministry in Waco. Mission Waco, a non- profit organization, runs a shelter called My Brothers Keeper as well as a coffee house to raise money for their charitable projects called World Cup Cafe.

Youth Events Coordinator Kaci Millay was particularly proud of the youth."These kids sacrificed their spring breaks in order to help the less fortunate, and that's something incredible considering some of our kids are only 13 years old," said Millay. "It's rare to see such selflessness from such young people."

Church groups were not the only students volunteering this past break. In fact, several members from the University of Texas fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, volunteered their time to help at a Houston area church. 

Morning Service held "Under the Bridge"
Photo Credit: Richard Whittaker
Robert Woods, senior social officer, volunteered his time with 1000 Hills Ministry International better known as "Church Under the Bridge." Using an 18-foot-long trailer, the church hosts three services daily at various locations throughout inner-city Houston and caters mostly to the homeless community. The services are held in different locations to make them more accessible to people who do not have transportation.

"I would basically just help set up and tear down the different locations for services," said Woods. "Setting up tables, chairs, and audio...There really isn't much to it when I say it aloud, but it really was hard work."

Senior Treasurer Daniel Brigaitis said the people he interacted with helped him more than he helped them.

"I can't describe the feeling I got from helping at the church," said Brigaitis. "My friends came back from Destin, Fl. and [South] Padre and told me about how much fun they had but I would never trade my experience for a week of binge drinking."

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