Friday, March 29, 2013

Marijuana and Music

By Bridget Garraway

SXSW shows are always filled to capacity and can be a little crowded and uncomfortable but when someone lights a joint of marijuana it can create a whole new problem.

Mother Falcon takes the stage
(Photo Courtesy of Home Slice Pizza)
Marijuana at concerts seems to be a regular occurrence and most security guards or police don’t care or do anything to stop the illegal action, like at the Mother Falcon show March 15 at Home Slice Pizza.

“I smoke weed at almost every concert I go to,” said concert attendee Jared McClendon. “If [security] catches you they will either not care or just throw you out.” McClendon said that he had never attended a concert where smoking marijuana was a problem and had never been approached about it and never has seen it as a big deal.

Chad Jaso, a local bass player, disagreed.

“I had to get out of there as soon as they started lighting up,” Jaso said. “I just can’t take the smell or the effects.”

Jaso said that he had previously dealt with marijuana but quit, and being around it brought up bad memories for him, but he wanted to still listen to good music.

The Mother Falcon crowd
(Photo Courtesy of Home Slice Pizza)
Once the marijuana smoke started to fill the venue many people in the crowd began to leave or reposition themselves out of the way. Mother Falcon didn't seem to be bothered by the marijuana smokers in the front and continued playing their Radio Head cover show.

Other performers at SXSW even went as far as to throw out nuggets of weed at their performance, like rapper Stank Daddy did at his show.

Many concert attendees are familiar with people smoking weed at shows or participating in the action themselves. There are forums all over the internet helping give advice on how to sneak weed into concerts and telling people that marijuana in public at a music venue isn't a big deal.

Pop singer Britney Spears is one of the few performers who has said something about weed being smoked at her concert. “Vancouver, don’t spoke weed,” said Spears after she refused to come back on stage until the air was clear.

Whether or not security should enforce that smoking marijuana is illegal, you can guarantee that when attending a concert you will be around it.

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