Friday, March 29, 2013

Livestock Show

Houston -- The Houston Livestock Show provides opportunities for students to gain experience raising, showing and training various farm animals.

Throughout the entire month of March, children and young adults across Texas bring their animals to Reliant Arena to compete in shows and auctions against other students. According to the Livestock Show website, the proceeds of these auctions go towards scholarships for the students competing and aim at helping the "future farmers of America" attend college.

Auction Results

Cameron Whitehead, a San Marcos native, attended the Live Stock show with a steer of his own to show.

"I showed my steer in the rodeo this year! It was a lot of fun but I didn't win any awards," said Whitehead. "Showing taught me a lot about hard work and commitment it's not easy getting those animals ready to show!"

Aside from opportunities for students to show their animals, the rodeo also provides an educational opportunity to all who attend the livestock show! Agventure is a collection of fun, educational exhibits aimed at educating visitors about the different animals in the livestock show. It has petting zoos, areas where kids can learn to milk cows and a live egg hatching exhibit.

Rebekah Feltner, a sophomore at Texas State University majoring in social work, has attended the Houston Live Stock show multiple times, most recently being the 2013 rodeo.

"My favorite part of the Livestock Show is getting to watch the chicks hatch," said Feltner. "But I also really enjoy walking around and seeing all of the animals before they go to auction!"

For more information, here is ABC's coverage of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Students show their livestock in front of judges
Photo by Kevin Duane

By Katelynn Duane

Rebekah Feltner
Cameron Whitehead

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