Wednesday, March 27, 2013

FMA Heads to NYC for Conference

Photo Courtesy of Molly Needham
The Financial Management Association of Texas State attended the FMA Finance Leaders’ Conference, which is annually held in a major city from March 14-15.  The organization sent 18 members to the nationwide conference. FMA funded the trip by selling flowers and leis at all the Texas State graduation ceremonies. The organization has a standing contract with Kahuna Flowers. At the conference, the FMA members attended seminars, participated in workshops and rubbed elbows with many high-ranking financiers. 

Photo Courtesy of Molly Needham
The group flew in to Newark Airport and stayed in Manhattan for the duration of the trip. According to the group, one of the highlights was the city itself.
“It was a blast, our hotel was right in the middle of Time Square,” FMA President Molly Needham said.
The group felt inspired by observing their major in action.
“Seeing some of the professionals in New York – just the whole life of everything. Going to see the financial district – where lots of money could be lost and gained,” Vice President of Social Events Irwin Liwanag said.  “Also just going to the Bloomberg corporate office was amazing because I use the Bloomberg Terminal all the time.”
Due to the conference, the group was able to parlay their stay into a notable meeting.  
“We set up a private tour with Mutual of America and met with the CEO,” Needham said. “It was great. He took an hour out of his day just to meet with us.”
One of the FMA officers realized how important this trip was and how it could in fact change her life.
Mutual of America actually has a really great analyst division as well for their retirement funds,” Secretary Amy Lynn Sword said. “I am thinking about applying for a position there. Their company culture was great. I had a really great time at the office, everyone was very welcoming and friendly.”
Photo Courtesy of Molly Needham

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