Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Graffiti Controversy

Students and faculty at Texas State have mixed emotions about recent graffiti issues on campus.  There is a great divide between whether graffiti is considered vandalism or art.

Texas State junior Larry Centers believes graffiti is an art and individuals have the right to express their emotions through it.

Accounting major James Almanza is stuck in the middle of the graffiti controversy.  Almanza said in certain places graffiti can be vandalism, but it is also an expression of art, even though people are expressing themselves in an inappropriate manner.

Although many view graffiti as art, others are not fond of it.  "I don't like it. I don't consider it artwork, I consider it vandalism," said freshman Austin Anderson.  "I don't think there's any value to it at all."

“It’s a nuisance, it’s ugly, it’s unfortunate,” said Texas State faculty member Harry Bowers.  “People choose to deface campus, whether they are students are not. So personally, no, I don’t obviously like it. I wish we could get it under control."

Many students have not seen graffiti on campus and are not aware of the problem.  Jemeka Summerhill, a commuter from Austin, has never noticed graffiti on campus.  According to management major Christopher Li, if he had seen graffiti on campus it would not bother him.

Texas State Crime Stoppers view graffiti as a growing problem around campus and hope to end the vandalism soon. 

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