Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thoughts about graffiti from a Texas State professor - Bridget Garraway

Anglo – Female – Straight – 51-70 – Kyle, Texas – Texas State Professor (Educator) – School of Social Work

Interviewed by Bridget Garraway

What do you think about graffiti on campus?
It’s nasty, I don’t like it.
Have you seen graffiti on campus?
I don’t think it’s monumental but I have seen some just around the outsides of buildings particularly around parking lots, that kind of thing. 
How do you think graffiti should be handled?
If I understand correctly, it’s against university policy because it’s state owned buildings so they shouldn’t be defaced. So then it’s probably against state law. As well as that so I think people that engage in that should be held accountable.
What do you think the reasons behind graffiti are?
    Some people say that it’s an artistic creative impulse but I would certainly think there are better    ways to express that artistic streak. So I think really it’s just damaging buildings that belong to the people of Texas.  

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