Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Graffiti Divide

A recent spike in graffiti throughout the Texas State campus is a cause of concern for law enforcement, students, and faculty members alike.

Texas State Professor Dorinda Nobel has noticed graffiti around the parking lots and thinks since the graffiti is defacing state owned buildings the culprits should be held accountable.

“I think there should definitely be a punishment if you are caught. I think there should be maybe an organization or something that kind of up keeps in general specifically the quad or something like that, like a volunteer organization,” said freshman Austin Anderson. 

Anderson and Nobel are not alone in thinking that those caught in the act should have their punishment fit the crime.

“They should have to clean it up themselves or pay the price it costs to have it fixed,” said Wells Fargo employee Courtney Duecker.

There are supporters of graffiti as an art form on campus. Junior Christopher Li thinks that graffiti is art, and would not mind seeing more of it on campus.

“Yes! I think people should have a place to express themselves,” said student Amanda Wright when asked about having a designated graffiti wall on campus.

University police are currently investigating the vandalism on campus. While most see this issue as strictly black or white, senior Thomas Hobbs does not view graffiti as a bad thing but simply sees it as having a counter-culture appeal to those who choose graffiti as an art form.

If you have any information regarding graffiti on campus please call Crime Stoppers at 512-245-2883 or send an email to crimestoppers@txstate.edu to remain anonymous.

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