Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spray and Pay

SAN MARCOS, Texas - Texas Statue University has begun an investigation to locate and prosecute suspects involved in various acts of vandalism seen throughout campus.

Crime Stoppers of Texas State said that they “will pay cash for identification of the individual responsible for this graffiti on Texas State University Property.” The amount of the reward is unknown at this time.

We interviewed several members of the Texas State community and found that opinions varied drastically throughout campus on the subject.

When asked her opinion on graffiti, Isabel Martinez, senior communication design major, seemed to enjoy the “artwork”.

I like some of the graffiti I've seen. I think it's a form of expression; that if used properly [it] can engage people,” said Martinez.

Other students had very different perspectives on the topic of graffiti. Anthropology grad student, Anna Gilmer, considered graffiti to be, “vandalism because it's somebody else's property that they're drawing on.”

Students of Texas State are not the only ones who have opinions on the subject of graffiti. Various members of the faculty have expressed their distaste for the vandalism.

Harry Bowers, assistant director for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, said “It’s a nuisance, it’s ugly, and it’s unfortunate [that] people choose to deface campus; whether they are students or not. I wish we could get it under control.”

University employee, Dario Mendoza, has firsthand experience dealing with the vandalism on campus. He has removed several “pieces” over the course of this semester.

"Behind the music building we've already been trying to paint over a bunch of it. I think if it's on campus it's destruction of property and should be handled like it is,” said Mendoza.

When asked about a possible solution to the problem, suggestions ranged from jail time to simply cleaning it off or other community service. One idea came from Christian Tristan, a music major from San Antonio.

"We should find a way to channel it. Like ‘hey guys, do it over there.’ Some places have designated places for artists to do graffiti,” suggested Tristan.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents should contact Investigator Rolando Belmares with the University Police Department directly. To assist in the investigation anonymously, contact Crime Stoppers of Texas State.

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