Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quotes collected by: Austin Perna
Source: Michelle Wieters, 20, Psychology major, Student: Junior, San Antnio

Question 1: What do you think of graffiti on campus? Is graffiti art or vandalism?
"Well, like, the graffiti is ugly. It's mostly vandalism. I've only seen one piece of graffiti that I considered art, and it wasn't on campus."

Question 2: Have you seem graffiti on campus? If so where?
"No actually. I haven't."

Question 3: How do you think graffiti on campus should be handled? If they find the graffiti artist, should they punish them?
"They should clean it up. Oh, well yeah. Isn't it illegal anyways? It's vandalism, so yeah they should punish them."

Question 4: Did you know graffiti artists?
"No. Not any more. In high school I did, but he wasn't well known, and it was kind of stupid.
Was he ever caught?
"Not that I know of. He just did it for fun."

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