Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Graffiti Source: Victoria Herrera

Quotes collected by: Alexandra HortonSOURCE: Victoria Herrera 
Identifying information about source: Victoria Herrera, full-time student, freshman, Communications Disorder major.
Question 1: Have you noticed a graffiti problem on campus? 
“No, but I noticed I saw a sticker on a bench once saying that you would be fined if you did it.”
Question 2: Do you think graffiti is art or vandalism?  
Herrera thought that graffiti was considered vandalism and that it didn't have a place on campus.
Question 3: How should graffiti be handled ?
Herrera thought that graffiti could be handled better by introducing a graffiti wall to campus. It would give them a place to freely express ideas that wouldn't be vandalizing the school's property. 

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