Friday, February 22, 2013

Graffiti Problem Arises, Students Don't Seem to Notice

Graffiti Problem Arises, Students Don't Seem to Notice
By Allie Horton

Graffiti has become a problem on the Texas State campus over the last several months. Even though Crime Stoppers of Texas State is searching for information on the individuals who are causing this issue, many students didn't realize there was a problem.

Freshman Victoria Herrera said that she hasn’t noticed any graffiti around campus, while senior Thomas Hobbs said that he hasn’t seen any in particular.

Even if he had seen graffiti on campus, Hobbs wouldn’t mind it.

“If someone does some graffiti, it doesn’t really affect or impact my life really. I’m kind of indifferent to it,” Hobbs said.

Junior Baylee Stokes shared similar views.

“I could care less, it is not my property,” said Stokes.

In contrast, Dorinda Nobel, professor for the School of Social Work, claims to have seen a small amount of graffiti around campus, mainly around the outsides of buildings and particularly around parking lots.

“Some people say that it’s an artistic creative impulse, but I would certainly think there are better ways to express that artistic streak,” Nobel said. “So I think really it’s just damaging buildings that belong to the people of Texas.”

Junior James Almanza has also seen a small amount of graffiti on campus, mostly in bathrooms or under parking garages. He thinks that graffiti should be handled with charges.

Crime Stoppers is paying cash for identification of the person or persons responsible for the graffiti damage.

While Crime Stoppers hopes to put an end to this problem, student Monica Garcia thinks it will never be put under control.

“There’s no stopping people from expressing their feelings,” Garcia said. “It will always be there.”

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