Friday, February 22, 2013

Graffiti of Texas State

Graffiti on campus is becoming a major problem; so much so that Crime Stoppers of Texas State are paying cash for any information they can get on the individuals who are vandalizing the campus.

But the question of whether graffiti is art or vandalism is an ever growing debate. While some marks left on the side are quick doodles, graffiti is growing as a pastime, and many are now looking at it as an art style that happens to be on property.

“It is not hard to find,” said Peter Therriat. "Graffiti on campus is a problem. I do consider it to be vandalism,” said LaJoya Satberry, a criminal justice major. Many people asked around campus did see it as a nuisance, but some found it not as bad. Isabel Martinez, a communication design major at Texas State, likes some of the graffiti she has seen around campus. “I think there’s not enough awareness of graffiti as an art,” she said.

While some have favorable and some have unfavorable opinions of graffiti, some are oblivious of it. “I haven’t really noticed much graffiti around campus,” said Kimberly Martinez, a senior at Texas State. She feels though that graffiti can be artistic depending on what it depicts.

But what should the campus do to fix the problem? It should be washed away to keep the campus looking nice according to Austin Dyer, a community group leader on campus for the Department of Campus Recreation. Vanessa Lopez, a choir director and teacher, feels that if campus police know the student responsible, they should be put on probation for what they do.
If you have any information on who is responsible for the graffiti on campus, you can contact Rolando Belmares with the University Police Department at (512)-245-2883, or you can stay anonymous by calling the Texas State Crime Stoppers by emailing

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