Friday, February 22, 2013

Graffiti at Texas State

Graffiti has been appearing throughout the Texas State University campus over the past several months. While the police department and Crime Stoppers look to put a stop to this tagger, students of Texas State have varied opinions on the matter.

When asked if the graffiti should be considered art or vandalism, a student named Dustin Lazenby said “It depends where it is located”. Student Walter Johnstone also believes that graffiti can be considered art in certain contexts, but not on school property. Courtney Dueker, a Wells Fargo banker has a simple answer to that question, stating that graffiti is vandalism.  

Texas State Crime Stoppers are hoping to receive tips regarding the identity of those responsible for the crimes. Monica Garcia, a senior at Texas State, believes these efforts are pointless. Garcia said, “Well, there’s no stopping people from expressing their feelings. It will always be there”. When asked what should be done about the graffiti, freshman Victoria Herrera said “Graffiti could be handled by introducing a graffiti wall to campus. It would give them a place to freely express ideas that wouldn’t be vandalizing the school’s property”. Other students, such as Baylee Stokes, endorse the idea of a graffiti wall.

Anyone with information regarding the graffiti is encouraged to contact Texas State Crime Stoppers or the University Police Department.

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