Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Erick Romero
Kiana's 12:30 MW Lab
Graffiti Story Source - raw info

Source: James Almanza

1) What do you think about graffiti on campus?  Is grafitti art or vandalism?

A:  I feel like it's a expression of art, but it certain places it can be vandalism.  But mainly I feel it's people expressing themselves, maybe in an inappropriate way.

2) Have you seen graffiti on campus?  If so, where?

A: I've seen it on campus but usually in bathrooms or under parking garages.  That's where I've seen it mostly.  And I haven't really seen it anywhere out in public, exposed to everybody.

3) How do you think graffiti on campus should be handled?

A: I feel like if it's out where everybody can see it then it should be handled with charges.  I just don't feel like there is any reason to mess up our campus.  It's a nice campus.

4) What are some positive aspects of graffiti?

A: I'm from Laredo so we have a lot of really Hispanic expressions so everyone will express themselves on walls, like usually it's their own place, like stores and they post stuff up.  I know in San Antonio they have a bunch of them on Caesar Chavez.  Some people just want to represent other people in a different way so they do it on the walls.

Age:               19
Year:              Junior
Major:            Accounting
Minor:            Business Administration
Race:              Hispanic
Gender:          Male
Sexuality:       Straight
Geography:    Laredo, Texas
Occupation:   Student and Sales Consultant at the AT&T store
Class:             Low (below $25,000)

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