Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Graffiti or Vandalism??

Casey Braun
Race/Ethnicity: Anglo
Gender: Female
Generation: 18-25
Geography: Houston, TX
Occupation: Student
Classification: Junior

1.What do you think about graffiti on campus? Do you see it as art or vandalism?
-Braun believes that graffiti is vandalism because it is Texas State property.

2.Have you seen graffiti on campus? If so where?
- Braun has not seen any graffiti on campus.

3. How do you think graffiti on campus should be handled?
- Braun thinks that graffiti should not be allowed on buildings. She also feels the school should give graffitiists the opportunity to join a club or offer a way to express themselves.

4. What do you think the reasons behind graffiti are?
-"I feel some people do it for bad reasons and have bad intentions. Some people want to mess up the school, but some see it as art."

Information collected by: Scott Perez

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