Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lawless Art

Lawless Art
by Bridget Garraway

Texas State recently published a press release saying that the campus Crime Stoppers are looking for information on a specific graffiti artist who has been tagging their "unique signature mark to destroy state property."

Many students and staff are unaware that graffiti is happening on the Texas State campus, Jemeka Summerhill said she has no knowledge about the graffiti on campus because she commutes from Austin.

"Well, no matter what it is still vandalism," said Summerhill. "I think that sometimes it's nice but they shouldn't do it on private property."

Harry Bowers, a Texas State advisor, said he knew little about the problem but still thinks it's a nuisance, and wishes that the university could get it under control.

Texas State senior Thomas Hobbs found himself indifferent to the graffiti on campus.

"If someone does graffiti, it doesn't really affect or impact my life."

Christopher Li, a junior, had a different opinion.

"[Graffiti is] art, definitely art," said Li. "I don't think it's a problem just clean up your mess after you do it."

Junior Larry Centers had a similar stance.

"If it's something they can create that is productive and interesting and other people want to see it, I don't see why you would try and keep it away from them," said Centers.

Dorinda Nobel, a professor, had strong opinions against graffiti.

 "It's nasty and I don't like it," said Nobel. "Some people say that it's an artistic, creative impulse but I would certainly think there are better ways to express that artistic streak.”

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