Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Art or Vandalism...That is the Question.

Texas State students and faculty discuss graffiti as either a form of art or vandalism.

“It’s nasty, I don’t like it,” Professor Dorinda Nobel said. “Some people say that it’s an artistic creative impulse but I would certainly think there are better ways to express that artistic streak.”

"I don't like it. I don't consider it artwork, I consider it vandalism. I don't think there's any value to it at all,” Austin Anderson, a freshman at Texas State, said.

Junior Casey Braun believes graffiti is vandalism because she feels people do graffiti with bad intensions to mess up the school.

Not everyone on campus has the same view as Nobel, Anderson, and Braun however. Many think graffiti is perfectly fine and wouldn’t mind seeing it on campus one bit.

Baylee Stokes, a junior at the university, says she believes graffiti is art and the artists shouldn’t  have to clean up their art, but instead should give back to the community in other ways.

“Some people just want to represent other people in a different way so they do it on walls,” junior James Almanza said.

Christopher Li, also a junior at the University, said he hasn’t seen any graffiti on campus but wouldn’t mind if he did because he believes it is art.

Crime Stoppers at the university are currently on the search for the individual(s) responsible for the recent tagging on school property rewarding cash for the tagger’s identification. Their opinion on graffiti is a no brainer.


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