Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Art or vandalism?

There are many different opinions about whether graffiti is good or bad on the Texas State Campus.
Some see it as an expressive art form, while others think it is unacceptable and tacky.

When asked about the graffiti on campus Texas State Professor Dorinda Nobel said "It's nasty, I don't like it." She is not the only one who feels this way about the graffiti on Texas State property.

According to Austin Anderson, a student at Texas State, graffiti is not art, but vandalism that holds no value.

Casey Braun, another student at Texas State also disagrees with the idea of graffiti. She offers a reasonable solution to some of the graffiti problems at the school. She feels the school should give graffitists the opportunity to join a club or offer a way to express themselves.

Many students fully support graffiti and consider it art. Larry Sanders, a full time student said he truly believes graffiti is an art because not everyone can do graffiti, like himself. "If it's something they can create that is productive and interesting and other people want to see it, I don't see why you would try and keep it away from them."

When asked whether graffiti was vandalism or art, Christopher Li, a junior at Texas State said it was "art, definitely art." Christopher has not seen graffiti on campus but says he wouldn't mind if he did.
It is hard to say whether graffiti is in fact art or vandalism.

There are also those who don't really care either way. Texas State student Thomas Hobbs said "If someone does some graffiti, it doesn’t really affect or impact my life really. I’m kind of indifferent to it."

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