Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Student-Trucker-Novelist: Fred Afflerbach

By Clayton Rahmberg

Last Thursday Fred Afflerbach, Texas State alumnus, spoke to a group of students at Mass Comm Week about the hybrid life of a trucker and a novelist.

Afflerbach attended Texas State and decided after a few years he wanted a different life.

Afflerbach was attracted to the life of cross-country truckers. He said the life of a trucker was important because they were the last true group of wanderers in the country.

“There was a time when I was living in Austin and I realized I wasn’t going anywhere,” said Afflerbach.

Afflerbach decided to change his ways and join the trucking industry.

Afflerbach spoke of humorous times on the road, reminiscing of a time when a fellow trucker drove by a law enforcement officer and blew his hat off.

After living the life of a trucker for many years, Afflerbach returned to Texas State and received his degree. He decided to go into writing and is now the author of a successful biography, “Roll On.” 

Journalism major Christina Cantu said, “I’m inspired by his story, it’s so cool to see someone actually go out and live their dream, and then write about it.”

Afflerbach answered questions from the students, ranging from topics of self-publication to the craziest excuse he’d ever heard to get out of a ticket.

“I think his story is great. It’s always nice to hear about a Texas State student making a successful way for themself,” said public relations major Lois Spomer.

Afflerbach is a perfect example that students can live their dream and make it into a successful life.

Christina Cantu-  cc1846@txstate.edu

Lois Spomer-        ls1415@txstate.edu

Fred Afflerbach    www.fredafflerbach.com

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