Thursday, November 15, 2012

Social Media in Today’s Music World

By Rick Martinez

On October 31, music startups and blogging were the center of attention among Texas State University students during Mass Comm Week.

Shannon Delaney, a graduate from Texas State University with a master’s in mass communications and music blog writer for Vivogig, introduced the guest speakers and led the discussion on “Music Startups and Blogging” to students. 

Daniel Senyard, CEO for Vivogig, told the audience his concept came from music fans posting their photos and video of live concerts on social media outlets.

Vivogig is an Austin-based tech startup that allows fans to share live music photos with each other.

Kerri Driver, a junior public relations major said she likes the idea of fans uploading their own pictures from shows.

Senyard also has weekly podcasts where he interviews various music artists from all genres.

Ian Morales, editor-in-chief, and AJ Miranda, multimedia editor, were also on hand to discuss how they created their website, Red River Noise and its affiliate, Austin Vida.

Red River Noise is a blog site based out of Austin which focuses on the underground, alternative music scene.

Miranda said Red River Noise was created in 2009 as a profile on MySpace and accumulated over 20,000 fans.

Morales mention the upper hand he’s had in the underground music industry with interviews and exclusives.

Especially in Austin since most similar websites are based out of Los Angles and New York City said Morales.  

Driver said she doesn’t think it would be easy to create a website that generates a large number of viewers.

“I don’t visit music websites,” said Ashton Douglas, a junior public relations major. “If I listen to music, it is usually through Pandora.”

Although, Red River Noise has a consistent flow of traffic, Miranda explained it doesn't help bring a large attendance to shows.

According to Miranda, these particular shows cost $5 to $10 in downtown Austin.

Morales mentioned that local Austin bands have had to play more gigs to keep themselves relevant.

Miranda and Morales also discussed their musical and cultural involvement within the Latin community with the online magazine Austin Vida, a site geared toward U.S. born Latinos.

Morales said the content in his online site, Austin Vida, has appealed to an audience and fan base stretching down to South America.

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