Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rebecca Aguilar speaks at Mass Comm week

Photo taken from Maynard Institute
Rebecca Aguilar spoke to students for Mass Comm week about “Freelancing and Branding in the Television Industry.”Aguilar discussed the importance of using social media and owning your name on every website possible.

While encouraging students to get a WordPress under their name Aguilar said, “You’re crazy if you’re not on social media. You’re crazy if you don’t have a blog.”

Aguilar encouraged students to gain as many tools as possible to put them ahead in their industry. She emphasized the importance of knowing web design and various types of editors, and said it wouldn’t hurt to learn another language. “You’re not a good journalist today unless you know web design,” said Aguilar.

To close the discussion and, again, to emphasize the importance of owning your name Aguilar said, “I will die a journalist and no one will take my name.”

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