Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mass Comm Week gets the show on the road!

Fred Afflerbach: Roll On
Texas State alumnus Fred Afflerbach attended Mass Comm Week Tuesday to speak about his new book "Roll On" and how he transitioned from a truck driver to a college graduate, and then on to becoming an esteemed author.
At the age of 22, he bought his first GMC diesel and started his trucking career.
While out on the open road, he decided to document some of his personal experiences and the stories he overheard from the older truckers.
“There are a bunch of movies out there about the long-haul truckers, but it doesn’t do them justice,” said Afflerbach.
Afflerbach believed he could portray an accurate description of what it was like being a long-haul trucker and how it has affected everyone close to him.
In 2002, he enrolled in Austin Community College and a couple years later enrolled back at Southwest Texas State.
Afflerbach finally graduated in 2007 with dual degrees in English and Mass Comm.
Shortly after graduating, Afflerbach continued with his writing and approached many publishers about getting his book "Roll On" published.

Afflerbach advises students to not put all their faith in one company to publish their book, send it out to their top ten choices.
“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” said Afflerbach.
Mass Comm grad student Kristie Vela felt she related to Afflerbach in certain ways.
“I thought it was very appealing because my father is actually a truck driver,” said Vela. “A lot of what he spoke about I was very familiar with.”
“I am also currently working on a novel myself," said Vela. "When he talked about publishers and agencies and picking out top ten to send out on your own query letter to I found that helpful and good advice to take." 
Public relations major Anna Strickland also felt compelled to show her appreciation for the author and his story.
“He was really cool, I was telling another girl that people have these stereotypes about truckers and he is obviously very imaginative and creative,” said Strickland.

                                                          Photo Credit: Clayton Rahmberg

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