Tuesday, November 6, 2012

From Dropout to Driver to Author: Fred Afflerbach

By Jonathan Hoffman:

Texas State alumni, Fred Afflerbach, was welcomed back to the Bobcat Country Tuesday, as a speaker for Texas State’s Mass Comm Week.
Afflerbach shared his experiences on being a Texas State dropout to becoming a published author, and writing the book “Roll On.”

 “I come from a very literate family,” Afflerbach said. “I always felt like the black sheep.”

Soon after Afflerbach dropped out of Texas State and was proclaimed the “black sheep” of his family, he became a truck driver/owner operator. Afflerbach fell in love with his job, and eventually became more curious and fascinated by the trucker lifestyle.

 "I wondered why we hadn't heard about this," Afflerbach said. "Why, especially in literature we hadn't heard about these guys?"

 Eventually, the long and lonesome hours took a toll on Afflerbach. He was then inspired to turn his love and fascination with his job into a literature piece--a novel.

 “Somebody had to tell this story,” Afflerbach said.

 In 2003, Afflerbach returned to school and attended Austin Community College. Eventually, he was able to come back to Texas State and finish where he left off. Afflerbach graduated with a dual degree in mass communication and English in 2007. He then began writing for a few local newspapers and polished up his writing skills. 

In his spare time, Afflerbach began to write his own novel and eventually became a published author. The story that Afflerbach kept in his head for 20 years is now a published novel, titled “Roll On,” and is available at Barnes and Noble.

 Students who attended the session were left impressed and motivated by Afflerbach.

 “I thought his story was very inspiring, and I am leaving this session more motivated than ever,” said Cassandra Martinez, electronic media senior, “He had so many downfalls but always bounced back up, that’s awesome to see.”

 Jordan Fletcher, public relations junior, said, “It’s good to see a Texas Alumni be successful and pursue a dream. I can’t wait till that’s me up there.”

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