Thursday, October 4, 2012

Students Voiced Opinions Toward Smoking Ban

By TJ Nugent

Student reactions vary since Texas State University implemented a campus-wide tobacco ban on August 1, 2011.

While some students are standing on opposite sides of the spectrum, many students find themselves either indifferent to the rule or feel the rule can be justified if only modified.

When asked about the smoking ban, sophomore, Cassie Deardorff, 19, said, “I think it’s awesome.” Others, like sophomore Nick Lowe, 19, said, “I think it’s a stupid rule.”

Before the campus-wide tobacco ban, smoking and tobacco products were prohibited around all entrances to buildings and in other highlighted parts of campus. For students who may have been smoking on campus before August 1, 2011, the change from limited to full restriction of tobacco might have created strife.

Biology major, Will Wilson, who considers himself a non-smoker said, “I quit smoking because I knew it wasn’t beneficial for my health.” Even though he doesn’t smoke anymore, he said, “I feel like smoking shouldn’t be banned on campus. There should at least be designated smoking areas for people that want to smoke.”

Other students agree with Wilson’s idea to have specific smoking spots, such as Brookney Hill, 21, a health information management major.

Hill said, “We have liberties that can’t be taken away. There should be a designated [smoking] area.” 

Students were asked how they felt about the smoking ban enforcement after being notified that campus authorities plan to issue citations for violations beginning fall 2012.

Criminal justice Major, Mario Garatti, 22, said, “I didn’t even know they were enforcing it, but if they’re going to give me citations I guess I’ll hide it better.”

So let it be known, if you are going to smoke on campus, there are potential citations coming your way. But rest assured, there are others on campus who agree with you.

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