Thursday, October 4, 2012

Story 2: What a Drag

By Jonathan Hoffman

Texas State University implemented a smoking ban that took effect Aug. 1, 2011. Beginning fall 2012, university police and other campus authorities began issuing citations to all violators.

21-year-old senior Brookney Hill a San Marcos resident, supports the smoking ban and thinks that there needs to be a system to respect certain health issues, but citing violators is just taking it too far.

"We have liberties that can't be taken away, there should be a designated area."

19-year-old junior Chynna Ayala feels the same way as Hill. Though Ayala is not a smoker, nor reccomends anyone to smoke, she feels Texas State should provide designated smoking areas around campus. 22-year-old sophomore Mario Garatti agrees with Ayala, and thinks that Texas State should provide designated smoking areas.

"I don't see why it [smoking] should be banned. I'm on campus all day, and at some point I'm going to need a cigarette," Garatti said. "They should designate smoking areas for us."

19-year-old sophomore Nick Lowe feels exactly the same way as all the other furious Texas State students. Lowe just cannot grasp the concept on how someone can tell him he cannot smoke.

 "I think it is stupid, it's a stupid rule."

 Not everyone feels as strongly about the smoking citation policy. 19-year-old sophomore Cassie Deardorff is in favor of the smoking ban, and thinks it makes life on campus a happier place to be. 18-year-old freshman Jamie Hooker agrees with Deardorff, and thinks that that campus is much prettier with the smoking ban intact. Hooker can only imagine how beautiful Texas State will be once smokers start following the rules.

"I think the campus looks much cleaner, even though there are still cigarette butts around," Hooker said.  "It's not as bad as before."

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